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For Banquet
Movie Planning has 40+ years of experience and skills in wedding videography.
We produce various promotional visual images for venues, wedding planners and toastmasters.
We are also able to provide 3D visual images which are highly effective to display the width and depth of large banquet halls.
Our products can be provided in various formats and media, e.g. Blu-ray, DVDs, and digital book contents.
Corporate Promotion
We produce audio-visual corporate communication materials, e.g. corporate videos, product introduction videos and tourism & hotel marketing videos.
Originally written scenarios, such as documentary-ish scenarios and dramatized scenarios can be provided.
Our products are high quality and also cost-effective, since we can create 3DCG and digital effects on our production lines.
Let us help you to stage and record momentous events in your life, such as celebrations, private parties, school ceremonies & events and company events.
We can provide multi-camera shooting, and transmitting & screening live images as well.